Fatal Fantasy VII

No matter how serious FFVII might have been, it couldn't escape the grip of parody. Enter Fatal Fantasy VII, an interesting little demo for Sony's Net Yaroze amateur development platform, created by a dev group that called themselves, what else, Team Fatal.

Basically a take-off on the FFVII demo disc that Square packed in with Tobal No. 1, Fatal took the opening scene of the demo with AVALANCHE rushing into the Mako reactor and twisted it into Cloud arriving in a bathroom with Shinra lackeys standing guard at the urinals.

Unfortunately, the screenshots on the left depict pretty much the entire thing. Such brevity isn't uncommon for a game parody, as classics such as Pyst have shown us! Still, for a 400K demo it's somewhat impressive, as the team made all of the graphics from scratch. The demo even reads from the first disc of the FFVII OST in case you wanted to have a more humorously authentic experience.

If you still own a Net Yaroze system and missed out on Fatal Fantasy VII, you're free to download it at PlayOffline and see it for yourself.