FFVII and Transsexual Issues in Japan

The episode where Cloud has to infiltrate Don Corneo's girls-only love shack in drag is one of FFVII's more memorable scenes, at least on the first disc.

Cloud's apprehension to put on a dress and wig and make himself look pretty for Corneo might have provided some comic relief, but it could have also been a microcosm of a larger issue, because while transsexuals aren't exactly widely accepted in the west, in Japan it's practically ignored, following the old saying, "nails that stick up will be hammered down."

However, attempts have been made over the years to increase understanding and acceptance of transsexuals and homosexuals, including a movement to allow the same substinence rights as heterosexuals. Legal battles continue to be fought on these matters.

So who knows, maybe a few years from now, an FFVII remake will have Cloud jumping into his dress with the pride and reassurance of a pouncing tiger.

Anyone who took this seriously should be ashamed of themselves.