Dragon Warrior VII

Released a mere month and a half before Final Fantasy X(!) in the US, Dragon Warrior VII was beginning to pick up steam on the hype train just as FFVII began showing RPG fans what the next generation of consoles had in store for them. Unfortunately, the sluggish pace of the game's development doomed it to be too little, too late in the end.

As the first (and ultimately last) installment of the main Dragon Quest series on the PS one, the game carried heavy expectations from critics as well as fans, who awaited its arrival loyally. The game promised and delivered over 100 hours of play, taking its heroes on a journey to recreate the world by piecing together magical shards.

Unfortunately, the game's US release came at a time when the PS one's market had begun to trail off, and while PS2 owners were still capable of playing the game, it was lost in the season's triple whammy of Grand Theft Auto III, Metal Gear Solid 2 and FFX.