Cloud and Aerith in Final Fantasy Tactics

It sounds like something straight out of a bad fanfic, but Cloud and Aerith crossed over into Ivalice to make cameo appearances in Final Fantasy Tactics, released exactly four months after FFVII. After jumping through a few plot hurdles, players can catch a glimpse of poor Aerith being picked on by some dirty thieves, with an enraged Cloud helping to fight them off to become a recruitable character.

Aerith's sprite might be a bit of a stretch, but you can't refute Cloud's signature bed-head and standard-issue SOLDIER parachute pants. Unearth his materia blade, and you've even got access to all of Cloud's limit breaks plus the Cherry Blossom, an extra skill added for FFT. Interestingly enough, it seems that his cross-dressing chicanery in Wall Market has made an impression on Cloud; he's the only male character in the game that can equip the ribbon.