Following about a year after the PlayStation version, the PC (Win95) version of FFVII was developed at Square's LA headquarters and published exclusively by Eidos in the US and Europe.

Just as the previous version brought folks into the world of RPGs, the PC version introduced many to the Japanese-style console RPG, which was probably not that well received due to PC gamer snobbery, but the concept was a first nonetheless.

As a port, FFVIIPC was rather competent. There were some odd things, like the unfortunate use of MIDI for its soundtrack and the fact that all the movies were AVIs so you could spoil yourself at will, but it was still FFVII, and you did get an overlay for your keypad! However, as a tradeoff, anyone with a 3D graphics card could boost the game's resolution, producing much smoother graphics and text than the PSX -- or PS2 texture smoothing -- could ever accomplish.

FFVII is the first of only three FF games to get PC ports: VIII followed and was quite a train wreck, and of course there's FFXI these days. Perhaps a future installment will find itself on PC, but really, will anyone care? We already bought the console, y'know?