Cloud and the gang in
Kingdom Hearts

It's been more than year since Kingdom Hearts has been out, so we're all familiar with the appearances of select Final Fantasy characters, the craziest ones coming from the FFVII camp.

Cloud makes a striking return, carrying a bandaged Buster Sword, wearing a huge scarf, a mess of belts and what appears to be Vincent's claw glove. Finish it off with the single black wing and it's easy to assume he's been to hell and back. And indeed, as Cloud says to Sora, "I fell into darkness, and I couldn't find the light." Ooer.

Sephiroth was back, too, as a super-tough special boss in the Colliseum. And seeing how he's a fangirl's dream boat, it's no wonder he was voiced by hapless N*Sync-er Lance Bass!

Cid was back for more as well, ditching his cig for a more Disney-friendly toothpick of sorts, and donning what appears to be one of those old-time back braces. Yikes.

Yuffie and Aerith are around, too! OMG AERITH!!! Yes, she's inexplicably back from the dead, but perhaps the most shocking revelation is that the two have fallen under the pimp hand of ... Squall?!? Is Traverse Town the Vegas of Kingdom Hearts? The things that can happen, man.

Even though the placement of the rest of the FF characters in Kingdom Hearts is bemusing at best, the FFVII folks are all at least a year older, and since Advent Children is two years after the original game, maybe we'll see KH flashbacks in AC?! Ooh, ooh, we want to see hyper-realistic Cloud get tricked by hyper-realistic Hades! Or screwing around with hyper-realistic Pooh! DUDE IT HAS TO HAPPEN