Fandom Follies II

We know that FF fans can be unsettling, scary and likely dangerous, but their creative outlets are pretty much pigeonholed to fanfics and art. Sometimes though, you'll find the one or two people that want to break the mold, attempt to get the public involved or just basically try to be famous.

God only knows what led to the forging of the Final Fantasy 7 Novel Project, the three year-long work of a guy named Daniel, who makes it boldly clear "I AM NOT TAKING THE GAME AND JUST WRITING IT DOWN ON PAPER!!!!!" And he even has MP3 remixes! Oh well, it's not like we're any less guilty; at least one Crunk Games staffer tried to novelize FFVI in their preteen years and failed (you don't really deserve to find out who). We just hope Daniel finishes in time for the release of Advent Children so people can catch up!

And then there's a project so outlandish, so impossibly possible that you just know it won't go anywhere. That's all anybody could think of when an individual named "Saturn Utena" announced his intentions to independently reprogram FFVII for the Sega Saturn, which is naturally pretty freaking stupid. But he got enough attention for it and he claimed to have a Saturn SDK at his disposal, so hey, maybe something was started, maybe it wasn't, but 5 years after the fact we still have nothing.

And you know, it's probably better that way; we think he should have started with porting Cosmic Race first or something, just to get a grasp of things.