Wish List III:
Aerith's Theme music box

Now here's a piece of merchandise that doesn't seem too ludicrous. After all, it's a music box, people collect them, sometimes they're a family heirloom ... it's just that it plays video game music.

Aerith's Theme could probably be considered the main theme of FFVII, since everybody likes it and everybody remembers it, and it's just a pretty tune in general. So why not put it in a music box?

The box seems to be finely crafted, made out of sturdy wood and using a 50-valve mechanism inside. And there's also a plate on the inside with a serial number, calculating your place in the leetness hierarchy.

Currently this thing can be had for 42,000 yen (nearly $390 USD), which, of course, is a lot, but maybe to you it's worth it to fill your house with that lovely little song. We'd rather just cue up the MP3 and use the money to buy a year's supply of jalapeño poppers, to be honest.