Wish List IV:
Square Minimum Collection

These pieces of merchandise aren't directly from FFVII, but related nonetheless. This two-pack of tiny, Kubrick-esque versions of Cloud and Sephiroth from Kingdom Hearts fall under the Square Minimum Collection, a small series of collectible toys -- so far they only have FFX-2's YRP girls to expand the line. Both Cloud and Seph have their trusty swords, ready to slice up whatever gets in their way; a rogue Mega Blok, perhaps?

The best thing about these is that no matter how cute they may look, they can still be menacing. The darker edge of the characters in KH no doubt has something to do with it.

For 2,000 yen (nearly $20 USD), these aren't exactly a steal, but not too much of a stress on the wallet either, since we have all those other collectible McFarlane figures that go for $10 and you don't even get a foot stand with them or can make them look like they're swimming properly when you're playing with them in the tub ERRGH! Thankfully these aren't anything like that.