The Debug Room

We started this calendar off with a look at an unfinished version of FFVII, and we're going to end it with another piece of the game only seen by Square up until a couple of years ago: the game's debug mode.

Entering the "debug room" is done via a GameShark code, though it's a mystery exactly how Square accessed it internally.

The main room leads to a network of black voids populated by random character models which, when talked to, bring up whatever options you have available. It's so involved that there are guides for it on GameFAQs that detail where every node leads.

The primary purpose of the debug mode is to call up the various events and places in the game, although you can have quite a bit of fun with your own saves, like filling up with almost every materia, adding Sephiroth to your party or giving yourself a Gold Chocobo without all the hassle. As we've said before, this kind of stuff is fascinating, but mostly just a hoot to dick around with.

And just because we're in the giving mood, the code for the US version of FFVII is as follows:

8009A05C 0041
8009ABF6 0041

Happy holidays!