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The Game Center CX Episode Guide
The front-to-back tribute to the Japanese TV show that flies in the face of Nintendo's epilepsy warnings.


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Insanely Hard!? Disembarking to "Takahashi Meijin’s Adventure Island"


After failing Ultraman and giving up on Final Fight, Arino (and the ADs!) hope that he can get through this episode’s challenge. Unfortunately, it’s Takahashi Meijin no Boukenjima (Hudson’s Adventure Island), one of most difficult Famicom games out there. AP Tojima hands Arino a gift: the game’s strategy guide, which has been bent due to it being in Tojima’s pocket.

Arino starts the game and learns how to play. After tripping over some rocks in the first stage, he tries attacking one of the enemies from afar, but instead he amazingly uncovers the first bonus stage. In the next stage, he gets the fire bola weapon and says that it looks like the "Pon de Ring" item at Mister Donut. AD Urakawa volunteers to go get some.

By stage 1-3, Arino gets a Game Over. After a few more accidental deaths, he peers into the guide and learns about the game’s continue item: the Hudson "Hachisuke" bee, hidden at the end of stage 1-1. He makes his way back to 1-3 but continues dying, until Urakawa comes back from Mister Donut with the Rings. It seems the sugar is all he needed to get past 1-3 and onto 1-4. 1-4 is the tricky outdoor stage with the pursuant wolf and those damned gauntlets of spiders. Eventually he gets past it all to the first area’s boss, and handily defeats it despite some mild freaking out.

Area 3 really ramps up the challenge, and Arino frequently yells out encouragement to the Meijin onscreen. He gets up to the area 4 boss, and for the first time dies in the battle. Soon after, Urakawa breaks in with a fax that was just sent in — an encouraging letter from none other than Takahashi Meijin himself. Arino hangs it on the whiteboard and goes for the boss again. This time he succeeds! — "Thank you, Takahashi Meijin!" 16 stages to go.

By area 6-1, Urakawa steps in and offers his assistance. At first Arino jokingly refuses, but eventually puts him at the controls. Urakawa handily completes 6-1 and hands the controller back. Arino continues on to the 6-4 boss, only to have AP Tojima interrupt. Tojima brings out the Hudson Stick — and his plan? Let Arino control Meijin with the controller and have Tojima assist with firing via the stick. It hilariously works, and Arino moves on to 7-1.

Or does he? Tojima steps in again and asks if Arino can handle it at this point in time. He holds his head high and then… gives up! The game is handed off to Urakawa, who goes at it all alone for the rest of the day. Morning passes and Urakawa finally gets to area 8. By the time he gets to the last boss, it’s been 28 straight hours. Amazingly, Urakawa succeeds, ending an episode for the record books.


This TamaGe features Amusement VIKING a game center in Kamata. It’s crammed with prize machines that overshadow the video games, so Arino has no choice but to check them out once he enters. The first machine that catches his eye is one filled with spiky balls like the ones on IQ Suppli. Oddly enough, the crane doesn’t get the ball it was aimed at, but pushes another one that was further down the chute. A win is a win!

Another catcher is filled with Famicom-themed trinkets. Nice! Arino decides to go for a phone strap, and manages to get one on the first try! AD Urakawa wants one of his own, so he steps into frame and hands Arino a 100-yen coin so he can try and get him a Super Mario Kart strap. Lightning strikes twice, and Urakawa gets his prize.

The next machine is something you don’t see often: a skill-based bartender game where you try and push a glass to the other end of the case so it stops on a prize spot. A few tries go by without any winnings. Arino considers putting another coin in until the game wonders aloud if he’ll continue. He says nothing and just slides the coin in. This time he gets the glass to the designated target and wins! The prize: a sexy Rei Ayanami figure.

Now to check out Viking’s video games. Arino finds the game mentioned in the viewer postcard: VS. Super Mario Bros.! The game is known for altered levels from the home version that ramp up the difficulty, so he’s a bit confused when he goes to try the 1UP trick in 3-1, only to see Goombas coming down the steps.

Urawaza Jet Stream

Recollections of a two-player Ice Climber glitch in this Jet Stream.

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