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The Game Center CX Episode Guide
The front-to-back tribute to the Japanese TV show that flies in the face of Nintendo's epilepsy warnings.


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Momotaro Dentetsu

Another game series takes the spotlight here: Hudson’s Momotaro Dentetsu. Arino enters Hudson Soft’s office to talk to Momotaro creator/illustrator Akira Sakuma. Sakuma discusses the genesis and the subsequent basis of the Momotaro RPGs and Dentetsu board games. He also engages in a friendly game of Momotaro Dentetsu 12 with Arino.


Arino plugs in the Famicom version of Star Force, Hudson’s arcade port of a Tecmo game that became the basis for Star Soldier. The challenge consists of shooting down Lalios, the miniboss of the first stage. By shooting its core before the rest of its body comes flying in, the player earns a 50,000 point bonus. But one must feed a lot of shots into Lalios before it explodes, and in just a couple of seconds, to boot. Can Arino do it?

It’s slow going just getting to Lalios, due to lots of early deaths. When Arino finally does reach the creature, he’s either too late or too slow with his shots. He tries a couple of different positions to get his fingers comfortable enough to fire faster, but it’s all for naught. Until there’s a knock on the door…

In steps Takahashi Meijin, Hudson’s legendary game expert! Takahashi gives Arino his personal weapon of choice, the Hudson Stick, to assist in defeating Lalios. First, Takahashi gives a demonstration of his famous manual rapid-fire (rensha) technique to inspire and impress. And naturally, he fells Lalios in one try. Arino spends some more time fawning over the Meijin before it’s time to go. Left with the Hudson Stick, Arino gives the game another try.

After an hour and 40 minutes, he still hasn’t gotten anywhere. Plan B (or was Takahashi Plan B?): prop the joystick on the chair and kneel in front of it to make things a little more level. Still no progress. He brings in AD Tojima to assist, but he doesn’t even get in a hit against Lalios; in fact, he runs right into it. One last desperate try: Arino puts on the muscle patches and takes a deep breath. Lalios appears and… he does it! And dies immediately after.

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