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The Game Center CX Episode Guide
The front-to-back tribute to the Japanese TV show that flies in the face of Nintendo's epilepsy warnings.


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Live Broadcast Special
ゲームセンターCX史上初!生放送で挑戦! 聖夜のリベンジスペシャル!
A First in Game Center CX History! A Live Broadcast Challenge! The Holy Night Revenge Special!

Part 5


Arino meets Kibe in the hall again. Unsurprisingly, the faxes are coming in like crazy now, filled with congratulatory messages. After a couple of minutes leafing through the viewers’ good tidings, Arino jogs back to the challenge corner to see what lies ahead in The Quest of Ki.

The screen rests on Floor 99. Arino begins. 99 is larger than 98, and there are naturally more enemies around. The key isn’t very far, either, but it’s being guarded by a bouncing spark. He goes in another direction to scout out the stage, but soon dies on a bed of spikes.

Tsuruoka comes back. That craftin’ genius made another Ki diorama, of this stage, of course! He’s mapped out a winning route for Arino to follow. To do this right, the kacho will have to go around the entirety of the stage, avoiding the other sparks in order to get the treasures, the key and lastly the exit. Arino restarts with Tsuruoka hovering over him.

After a few false starts (thanks to spikes, and then the diorama falls over, scaring him), Arino finally makes his way toward the treasure. A strategically-placed spike ball makes it hard for him to successfully float down to it, though, so it’s another few deaths yet. Tsuruoka suggests floating over to it when Arino’s in range, not as soon as he starts falling. It takes a couple tries, but it works, and Arino grabs the Wing, the item that will let him freely float around without having to land. Now we’re in business!

Of course, it’s still dangerous floating past the spike ball, but Arino does it on the first try, and continues floating through the maze. He gets the second treasure — a Timer for extra seconds — then backtracks to the start.

He very nearly loses after bumping his head, but he’s safe, and floats to the next treasure. But Tsuruoka has him pause! This isn’t the right order! Arino takes the lower path from the entrance, but then bumps his head again and falls right on a penguin enemy. Ugh.

After a couple more false starts, Arino gets the Wing again… and touches spikes once he gets out of the first dangerous part. More deaths follow as Arino fails to master the technique of Wing floating, so it’s yet another excrutiating wait until the next miracle. At one point, the spike ball disappears much like the tentacle did, but Arino still dies on the spikes below that spot. But then it’s gone on the next try, too — and then back again. Apparently it’s going in and out as it chooses.

So is Arino’s brain, for that matter. The slip-ups continue to stack up for most of the hour. At around 4:40, Tsuruoka finally offers to give it a shot. Arino reads some faxes as the AD plays. One of those faxes has a bit of advice, complete with a doodle of the map. Arino can, in fact, pass through the spark guarding the key. All it takes is a dash through, but it’s going to take some perfect timing.

Arino attempts a few dashes, but they’re not working as hoped. On the third attempt, though, he manages to dash under the first spark! A huge yelp of surprise! But there’s another in front of the exit! Arino floats up and runs, but it’s no good! Incredibly close, but no good! At any rate, the shortcut is known, so it’s all or nothing.

He clears the first one again, but still dies on the second, and third, and so on. All it takes is a couple of minutes, though: Arino blazes through the first spark, and gets up to the second platform. He doesn’t even look at the TV as he dashes perfectly under the second, and exits the stage in a flash.

Just as Arino reaches Floor 100, Tojima yells from the back. He, Inoko MAX and Urakawa all crowd around the desk. Arino unpauses, and Tsuruoka coaches him through. It’s a big spacious stage, with multiple treasure chests at the top. But only one of them is the ticket out; the rest are warps that will send him back. He grabs a warp on the first go, but Tsuruoka has him pause and suggests a reset. It’s OK, it’s OK, he’s had to reset before. Floor 100 starts over.

Tsuruoka guides Arino to the left, and up to another chest. With no Wing power, it’s hard to accurately judge how much float power to apply. Arino takes a few test floats, making sure not to hit the spikes above the chest. He gets the chest, but then goes right into the spikes. On the next try, he gets the treasure. The ring… the invincibility ring!

From there it’s onto the next section, where Arino must choose another treasure chest guarded by spikes. Tsuruoka knows which one, and the ring will save Arino, so he goes right for the treasure. It’s a cross. Up to the next treasure: a pearl. The pearl gets rid of the brown enemy guard below, and beyond the point where it was is the exit door, and the key behind that.

At 4:51 AM, Arino trots up to the exit door. Floor 100 is complete. The entire game is complete. The ending screen plays. It… it’s really over! Cue that Backdraft music!

The ADs hand Arino a Christmas cake, and he blows out the candles. He apologizes one last time to the Alfee fans. And then Kibe runs in! It’s time to finish up the News! Quickly now! In short, the #1 news items were the release of the DS game and Arino’s Nagoya incident for the game’s release event.

More faxes come in, too. After that, Arino brings out that big bottle of booze given to him by a fan, and he and the ADs share a drink. It goes down the wrong pipe for Inoko MAX, though.

After that, Tojima brings out a big rolling banner. It’s the credit roll! Everybody involved with this broadcast signed their name and the ADs try and scroll it by as Arino reminisces about this crazy journey. Now, for all that’s holy (hey…), let’s get some sleep!

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