October 15th, 2011 | Feature | NES
Dragon Warrior III: A Walkthrough in Three Acts
Alex's own frantic, breathless love letter to the legend.

November 9th, 2009 | Feature
GCCX24: The Game Center CX 24-Hour Special
An extra-long blowout on the Japanese show's extra-long special event.

April 10th, 2007 | Feature
The Game Center CX Episode Guide
The front-to-back tribute to the Japanese TV show that flies in the face of Nintendo's epilepsy warnings.

April 1st, 2006 | Feature
A Completely Factual History of Dragon Quest
Join us as we celebrate over 1,000 years of Japan's most popular RPG series.

August 20th, 2005 | E3 | Feature
E3 2005 Photo Album
Hey, a three-month delay to post this is better than 12, wouldn't you agree? When you have twice the Canadian to deal with, you can't rush things.

May 15th, 2005 | Feature | GameCube | GB Advance | PlayStation 2 | PSP | Xbox
Crunk Games’ 2005 Public Apology
We've been trying to get this thing called a life lately, but it hasn't been working out. Might as well head back to the salt mines, eh?! We run down our year in gaming as best we can.

June 3rd, 2004 | E3 | Feature
E3 2004 Photo Album
We putzed around for a while, but finally we've got all your favourite pics of the colourful Crunk bunch!! TOQUE US LONG ENOUGH

May 24th, 2004 | Feature | PlayStation 2
Restaurant Taisen
We take a quick peek at a pair of PS2 games that take the heated competition of Japanese fast food chains to the living room! You'll want the chopsticks for this one.

May 6th, 2004 | Feature | PlayStation 2
Toro and the Shooting Star Guide
It just, wasn't, enough. Put on your helmets and walk through the halls of a feature that goes above and beyond the call of insanity.

January 27th, 2004 | Feature
10th Feature Anniversary Special
Transcending history, and the world... a tale of freaks and friends, eternally retold. It's a feature-length feature of the highest calibur! Aheh.

December 1st, 2003 | Feature | PlayStation
Final Fantasy VII Advent Calendar
It's a whole dang month of holiday fun in what is without doubt our stupidest feature thus far, presenting 24 historical writeups based on the greatest game of all time! 1997.

November 18th, 2003 | Feature | GameCube | PlayStation 2
Survival Horror Fashion Showdown
Come with us on a magical dress-up journey through the world of the shotgun-toting heroine! Can Rebecca really stop the train while wearing that halter top?!

September 28th, 2003 | Feature
Tokyo Game Show 2003 Report
Our friend in Japan Andrew Vestal gives a brief account of this worrisome expo, plus pictures of a Canadian guy. No, not ours this time.

July 12th, 2003 | Feature | Master System
Phantasy Star Walkthrough
What the hell has Alex been doing for the past three years? Slaving away over a hot Master System, clutching a bloodied graph paper notebook to his 8-bit heart.

June 6th, 2003 | E3 | Feature
E3 2003 Photo Album
It's all here for your perusal. And boy, that was way more work than we thought. Not that it's good or anything. We're just saying.

March 20th, 2003 | Feature | GB Advance
Game Boy Advance 2003 Buyer’s Guide
Is the GBA SP your maiden voyage to Game Boy Island? No worries, we'll help you decide which games to walk out with and which ones to save up for.

January 27th, 2003 | Feature | PlayStation 2
Vacation Sim Showdown
Japan's fastest-growing new genre (ahem) inspires this Crunk battle royale. Which game is prettier? Controls best? Will confuse you less? It's time to find out, chunky!

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